Publish a test report

NeoLoad allows generating reports based on test results containing predefined data, graphs and statistics. A report may also contain custom graphs and comments.

A report may be generated from:

Report Wizard

The Generate Report wizard is accessible with a click on Tools > Generate Report in any tab of the Results section.

Report type

The first step in the wizard allows you to select the type of report:

Report content

The second step allows you to edit the report contents:

Output options


In Format, the available options are:


Click the Customize the report presentation button to edit the report presentation options (does not apply to XML format reports).

In the left tree view, a category to edit must be selected before modifying the corresponding colors or images. Only PDF and Word format reports have a cover page and footers. These items cannot be edited for an HTML format report HTML.

The color picker includes a color preview button and an editable text field that displays the color hexadecimal equivalent. Clicking on the colored button opens a visual color picker.

The image picker includes a first button that opens a file selection dialog box. A second button opens an image preview that displays the actual print size based on the image print resolution and the screen resolution.


In the Output group box, it is necessary to select the file name for the report to be generated. For HTML and XML format reports, the images directory containing the images included in the report is created in the same directory as the report file.


When the Launch generated report option is selected, the generated report is opened automatically using the program associated with the report file extension (Windows only).