Time period filter

This filter allows defining a time period in the test to save. The purpose of the filter is to reduce the time span for analysis; the start and end date of the filtered test are readjusted to take into account the filter period.

This filter has two settings:

The start and end dates for the filtered test results generated are calculated based on the selected time period.

Time period selection wizard
  1. If it is not already enabled, enable time period filtering by checking the appropriate Enable box.
  2. Click the selection button.
  3. The wizard displays a graphic view of the test, including graphs for user load, average response times and errors.
  1. At the bottom of the panel, click either the Start or End radio button.
  2. Place the mouse on the graph at the required start or end point, then click the left mouse button while holding down the CTRL key.
  3. To validate the new dates, click on the OK button.
Application example

In a test with a peak load policy, it may be useful to concentrate on one particular load peak. This filter reduces the time frame to be analyzed to a single peak.