Configure NeoLoad

Generally speaking, NeoLoad must have access to the Java classes used. It is necessary to copy the code to be called, and the libraries used, into <neoload-project>/lib/jslib/. Either JAR files or .class files can be stored in the directory. For example, the SampleClient class compiled in <neoload-project>/lib/jslib/ can be copied, as well as the JARs containing the interfaces for the remote objects to be used, namely StockProvider and CurrencyConverter.

Using Eclipse for NeoLoad

Eclipse can be used to write Java code for NeoLoad. Eclipse must be configured to output the compiled classes of the project into <neoload-project>/lib/jslib/. Optionally the Java sources can be configured to be in the NeoLoad project to keep all related sources in the same location. The classes are taken in account automatically each time a Virtual User is checked or at each new test without restarting NeoLoad. The only requisite is saving the code in Eclipse before launching a test.