Validate the Virtual User

As with a standard Virtual User, the Virtual User must be validated in order to verify its proper execution.

  1. Open the validation pane with the Run > Start checking command.
  2. Select the appropriate user in the drop-down list ("RMIUser").
  3. Click on the Start Checking button.

Error Handling

The "JS-OK" return code denotes that the JavaScript code was correctly executed. In the case of a JavaScript error, or if the Java code produces an exception, the "JavaScript" action is flagged as containing an error, accompanied by the JS-ERROR-EVAL or JS-FAIL error code.

The logger.debug() method provides for the logging of useful information for checking that the scenario runs correctly during the validation. In the example, the result of the last RMI call is displayed. By default, DEBUG-level logs are only displayed during the validation process. For more information, see Logger.