Search for the request whose response contains the value to be extracted

You have already found the parameter whose replayed value is invalid. You now have to find the request whose response contains the server-generated value to be extracted.

In the example, the id parameter was submitted with a value of "1193061773021" during the recording. You can search for the request whose response contains this value.

  1. In the User Paths tab, click on the node that corresponds to the User Path.
  2. In the Flags section, select the last option whose recorded response contains and enter the value "1193061773021".
  3. NeoLoad places a check mark against the requests whose responses contain the entered value, in the example it is the request /jpetstore/shop/index.html
  4. You have now located the request whose response contains the value for the parameter to be processed. You can check to make sure it is the value you want and whether the parameter really needs to be processed.
  1. Open the validation window and select the identified request (/jpetstore/shop/index.html). Right-click on the request in the User Path, and use the Select in validation window command to automatically open the validation window with the selected request displayed.
  2. Compare the response obtained during the validation with the one obtained during the recording:
    1. Make sure the Response option box is checked in the Details section.
    2. Click on the Compare with recording button.
  3. The comparison tool reveals that the id parameter value is generated in this response and that the value has changed. Therefore, this parameter must be handled individually.