Globally replace the parameter in the recording

Once you have completed the extraction and placed the parameter value in a variable, named "myId" for example, you will then look at how to replace the value recorded in the scenario with the created variable.

  1. Run the wizard using NeoLoad Edit > Search and replace command.
  2. This wizard allows you to automatically replace the value of the id parameter with the myId variable. Select the first option Search in request parameters, then click Next to go to the next step.
  3. Select Search names and values and replace, then click Next to enter the search parameters.
  4. Fill in the first field with the value previously used for the id parameter, "1193061773021". Put the replacement value "${myId}" in the second field. Use the variable picker if necessary.
  5. Once you have selected the variable, click Next, then Finish. A dialog box allows you to replace each occurrence of the value "1193061773021".
  6. The window in the top left-hand corner allows you to navigate through each occurrence and indicate whether or not the replacement should apply. The pages containing the parameter in question are marked in the scenario tree. Moreover, the parameter found is highlighted in yellow in the request parameters. Click on the Replace or Replace all buttons to replace the value.
  7. You can see that the id parameter value has been replaced by the myId variable. Replace each occurrence of the id parameter to make the entire scenario dynamic.