Use the variable

At this stage the variable extractor has been used to define the SuggestedUsername variable. This procedure entails defining where to use the variable, in other words defining where the extracted value will be re-injected. You may have decided to retry creating an account using the first suggested user name, so you want to re-inject the value when submitting the form.

  1. Select the HTML page that follows the one receiving the form. NeoLoad has automatically identified and listed the form parameters: in this case the username parameter.
  2. Set the value of the form parameter with the extracted variable. Double-click on the Value cell and set the value to the SuggestedUsername variable, either by using the variable picker or by manually entering the expression "${SuggestedUsername}", in the Expression field. Click OK to validate.
  3. Test the variable extractor with a Virtual User. Once extracted variables have been defined, it is a good idea to test them before using them in operational scenarios. Checking the validity of the Virtual User created is an easy way to test their behavior and check the contents of the requests and related HTTP responses. For more information, see Check a Virtual User.