Extract and re-inject a hidden dynamic value

You may use the following HTML form as an example:

The following screenshot shows the source code for the form used in the example (the HTTP response content). The response sets out a text box control lastname, a hidden control dynamicID and a select control country. You may have recorded the pages that call the form and have completed and submitted the form during the recording.

This screenshot was obtained by selecting the page preceding the page that submits the form. You selected the HTTP request , clicked on the Advanced button and selected the Recorded Response tab.

  1. Select the HTTP request containing the HTML form:
  2. Change the HTTP request type: In the Type drop-down list, change the HTTP request type from Manually define the request to Submit a form from the previous request.
  3. Check the form extraction criteria: In the Form to extract section, click on the picker button to display the form extraction criteria. This dialog box is used to specify how NeoLoad should search the preceding HTML response for the form whose values are to be extracted. The default settings are usually OK to use. Use other, more appropriate criteria if necessary. In this case, the criteria are appropriate.
  4. Use the extracted value: