Follow a link using the definition

The following procedure describes how to find the link defined by the searchID and page parameters in the previous response. It will also allow you to dynamically play back the searchID value during playback.

  1. Select the HTTP request containing the URL with dynamic parameters:
  2. Change the HTTP request type. In the Type drop-down list, change the HTTP request type from Manually define the request to Follow a link from the previous request.
  3. Make sure the referrer is the preceding request. In the Extract and follow a link from field, make sure that the request shown is the one containing the href HTML tag. If this is not the case, click on the Change the referrer button and select the correct referrer.
  4. Enter the link definition. Make sure that the Server and Path combination points to the link in question. Here, you are telling NeoLoad to search for a link whose URL points to the selected server and specified path, such as <a href="http://jack:9090/loadtest/simple-search/index.jsp"..>..</a>
  5. Select the attributes to be dynamically extracted.