Create a framework parameter

There are three ways to create a framework parameter: manually, using a variable extractor set on a request, or using a variable extractor set on a parameter.

  1. Create and validate a variable extractor for the parameter to be handled. Then go to the list of variable extractors for the request by clicking on the Advanced button and selecting the Variable extractors tab.
  2. Click on the Move as framework parameter button to launch the Framework Parameter Creation wizard.
  3. Enter the name of the framework parameter ("id" in this example) and select the framework name (existing or specify a new framework name). Click Next.
  4. Set the dynamic parameter replacement policy (automatically preconfigured by default). In the example, NeoLoad has detected that the extracted dynamic parameter is used later on only for the value of the "id" parameter. Click Next.
  5. This window allows you to apply the parameters to the requests in the current recording. Click Finish to validate and start the search. The result of the scenario analysis is displayed after the search step.
  6. Apply the changes (default option): This will set the variable extractors and inject the variables into the parameters of the appropriate requests