Define a User Path using streaming-type AMF requests

The same previous example is used, namely one provided by Adobe and included in LCDS ( Follow the installation instructions and then start the LCDS server. Then, go to the following URL: http://localhost:8400/lcds-samples/traderdesktop/startfeed.jsp. This page activates the stock price fluctuation simulation.

The steps involved in creating a User Path that uses AMF streaming are:

  1. Recording the scenario
  2. Defining the User Path
  3. Validating the User Path
  4. Viewing a load test that includes a streaming request.
  5. To learn more, see how to set the User Path advanced definition hereinafter.

  1. Record the scenario:
  2. Define the User Path:
  3. Check the Virtual User validity:
  4. View a load test that includes a streaming request:
  5. Set the Virtual User advanced definition:

    You will continue with the previous example, this time focusing on the content of the response to the streaming request. You will see how NeoLoad extracts part of the content sent by the server and help you make decisions. Here is the proposed scenario: when the value of the General Electric (symbol GE) stock rises above 31, a log is displayed and the Virtual User stops.