Fix an RTMP request after recording

The JAR files required by an RTMP request may be declared at any time.

Here, the request selected in the Virtual User requires Java classes that have not been declared yet. This fact is revealed by several indicators:

  1. Click on the link (or use Edit > Preferences > Project settings > Libraries Manager > Adobe RTMP) to declare the required RTMP Java libraries
  2. Click the + (plus) button to open the file explorer.
  3. Select the JAR file to declare.
  4. If the JAR file loads correctly, a dialog box confirms that the AMF library has been successfully declared.
  5. The loaded JAR file appears in the list and a message informs you that the process was successfully completed.
  6. If the request still has not been converted to XML format, it means that some required JAR files still have not been declared. Repeat the operation as many times as is necessary.