Variabilize the scenario
  1. In NeoLoad, click Edit > Variables.
  2. Click on the New variable button.
  3. Select List in the list of variable types.
  4. Enter "Contacts" in the Name field.
  5. Double-click on the Add a column button.
  6. Rename the columns as follows: "FirstName", "LastName", "BusinessPhone".
  7. Double-click on the Add a value button.
  8. Fill in the rows as follows:

    The input is case-sensitive. Failure to input the correct case may cause the Oracle Forms application to block the creation of the entry in the database.

  9. In the Value change policy section, select For each Virtual User.
  10. In the Variable scope section, select Local, each Virtual User instance iterates on each value.
  11. Click OK once, and then again .
  12. In the Virtual Users tree, expand the Container AddressCreator_Create then the page named address_book_first_name_0:value=dfirst. Click on the request with the same name.
  13. In the request XML editor, replace "DFirst" with "${Contacts.FirstName}". Then click Apply.
  14. Repeat the operation for the request named address_book_last_name_0:value=dlast, this time replacing "DLAST" with "${Contacts.LastName}".
  15. Repeat the operation again for the request named address_book_business_phone_0:value=002233445... replacing "002233445566" with "${Contacts.BusinessPhone}".