Record a Siebel request

To record Siebel requests, see Record a test scenario.

It is important to remember that Siebel requests and responses use a specific formalism. One of the simplest examples of the syntax used is the delimiting of each value by the integer representing the number of characters it contains. Thus, the list of values "software, NeoLoad, Siebel" is encoded as "8*software7*NeoLoad6*Siebel". Other, more complex data formatting would normally make configuring a scenario impossible without some kind of decoding tool.

Recording a Siebel scenario is straightforward however and requires no configuring.

  1. When you close the browser at the end of recording, the Post-Recording wizard is displayed.
  2. One of the steps in the wizard allows you to integrate Siebel framework parameters. For more information about the Siebel framework parameters generated by NeoLoad, see Identifiers handled by NeoLoad. For more information about the next steps in the wizard, see Post-recording wizard.
  3. For each request and response, NeoLoad replaces the raw content with an XML file.