Analyze errors in the Errors panel

This tutorial describes how to use the panel that displays details of the errors that occurred when executing the requests in NeoLoad. The Errors panel can be used to correct problems when fine-tuning a Virtual User, or to better understand a server behavior during a load test.

To gain the most from this tutorial, it is recommended to read Design process.

Understand the context

Problems or errors occurring during the execution of a test scenario will bias your results making them partially or at worst completely unusable. It is therefore important to identify and understand errors occurring during a scenario run. In some situations understanding the source of a problem can be a relatively complex task. To help you analyze causes of an error, NeoLoad provides extensive information on the context in which the error occurred. This tutorial details where and how NeoLoad provides this information.

The two main places NeoLoad indicates that errors have occurred and details them are in the Virtual User Check dialog box and in the Errors tab of the Results mode. The following section presents the Virtual User Check dialog box and goes into the details of understanding the information provided by NeoLoad. Because the information provided by NeoLoad and the way that information is presented are very similar, if not identical in both cases, the third section only details the slight differences and the information specific to the Results mode.