Schedule a test

This tutorial details the two methods that can be used to schedule the launching of a test at any given time.

Schedule a test with NeoLoad

The Scenarios tab in the Runtime section makes it possible to select the scenario to be launched. The Advanced button must be clicked.

In the Schedule a test tab, enable scheduling for the test and enter the time and date for its launch. You may also specify whether or not the test should be repeated (e.g. every week).

For more information, see Schedule a test.

Schedule a test with the OS

You may use your operating system task scheduler to run NeoLoad using a command line. For more information, see Start the Controller. Once the test is completed, you may analyze the results using NeoLoad graphical user interface. Furthermore, by using the option to generate a report in HTML, PDF or XML format, the results then can be automatically processed, in particular when the XML format report is used.