VUH only

VUH can be used for on-premise tests on a fine-grained per-test consumption when used in combination with the Tricentis Edition (shared license).

When it comes to testing using the NeoLoad Cloud Platform, VUH may be used to run a Cloud test by selecting the ‘Using VUH only, with Cloud sessions’ option in the License General settings.

In that case:

The alternative for Cloud tests is to use a license in combination with Cloud credits. See Test From the Cloud.

Use VUH Only

The VUH mode is activated in NeoLoad with the license management tool. Choosing Help > License management > License section gives access to the option: Use VUH only, with Cloud sessions.

  1. In NeoLoad, click Help > License management.
  2. Select the License section.
  3. Select the option: Use VUH only, with Cloud sessions.
  4. Confirm your selection with a click on the OK button.