Some definitions

The NeoLoad Cloud Platform can be accessed from the Cloud Console of NeoLoad or from the Neotys website. Learn more in Connect to the NeoLoad Cloud Platform

A Cloud Load Generator is a Load Generator available on a machine hosted in the Cloud.

Cloud Load Generators are grouped in sessions.

A Cloud session can contain several Cloud Load Generators in several geographical zones, with a start date and a duration.

Cloud sessions are grouped in workgroups.

A Cloud workgroup contains several sessions, users contacts (administration and technical), and the available, reserved, and used credits/VUHs.

It is made up of users who can use the credits/VUHs to reserve and start Cloud sessions using the NeoLoad Cloud Platform.


The application to test from the Cloud must be accessible from the Internet.

The NeoLoad Controller must use a connection other than the one used by the application servers to test, to avoid bandwidth issues. The network interface card must be properly sized too. When the Controller is set up on a LAN, the Controller must be able to connect to the Generators on TCP port 443. This connection is made in the Controller-to-Load Generator direction.

The server with the TCP port 443, hosting the NeoLoad Cloud Platform must be accessible from the Controller. The connection to the server hosting the NeoLoad Cloud Platform can be used with a proxy. For more information, see Proxy.