Use NeoLoad Web

NeoLoad Web allows:

What are the benefits:

It requires an option in the NeoLoad license. This option is included in the NeoLoad Free Edition and the Tricentis Edition. It is not available in the Standard Edition and is a paid option in the Professional Edition.

Free and easy to try

NeoLoad Web is available as a SaaS for an easy and quick deployment. A free SaaS plan is automatically provisioned for existing customers and for new users who download the NeoLoad Free Edition. Existing customers need to evaluate NeoLoad Web by using a NeoLoad Free Edition or an Enterprise Edition. For a deeper evaluation (more Virtual Users and more SaaS consumption), contact Neotys Sales to set-up a trial.

For more information, see how to get started with NeoLoad Web.

For more information about NeoLoad Web, visit our website here.