Record an SAP GUI application

NeoLoad makes it possible to load test SAP GUI applications. Recording the SAP GUI application is the first step of the load testing process.


Before using the SAP GUI-compatible version of NeoLoad, the following requirements must be fulfilled:

The SAP GUI application recording is accessible via:


Enable SAP recording: The check box must be ticked to record an SAP GUI application. It is ticked by default after selecting the Start SAP recording in the Record menu.

Once the recording has started, SAP Logon allows selecting the connection to be used. NeoLoad subscribes to the SAP GUI events associated with the connection selected in SAP Logon.


SAP Actions are created from the SAP GUI events and placed in the NeoLoad User Paths tree.

All the SAP Actions provided by NeoLoad are available in the NeoLoad Actions panel. For more information about SAP Actions in NeoLoad, see SAP Actions.


Recording bar

As soon as the Recording bar is displayed, the recording starts.


The bar includes the following functions:

SAP Actions naming

During a recording phase, NeoLoad records each action carried in an SAP GUI client. Each Action is then created as a new instance and added in the NeoLoad User Paths tree. The name of the instance is dynamically created according to:

The naming format is the following: SAP GUI Action name / [object type] / [SAP GUI client interface label]