Enable SAP GUI scripting

Before recoding an SAP GUI application with NeoLoad, the SAP GUI scripting must be enabled.

SAP GUI scripting must be enabled both on server and client side.

  1. Login to your SAP server.
  2. Run transaction "RZ11". Specify the parameter name "sapgui/user_scripting" and click Display.
  3. If "Parameter name is unknown" appears in the status bar, this indicates that you do not have the current support package. Check your installed packages.
  4. Set the value of "sapgui/user_scripting" to "TRUE".
  5. Click Save.

  1. Open SAP GUI Configuration.
  2. Go to Accessibility & Scripting and select Scripting.

  3. Tick the Enable scripting check box.
  4. If necessary, untick the Notify when a script attaches to SAP GUI check box.
  5. Click OK to validate.