Configure an SAP Action

When used in a User Path, the parameters of an SAP Action can be modified to fine-tune its behavior.

A click on an SAP Action in a User Path displays the parameters in the facing zone.


Name: The name of the SAP Action. During a recording phase the name of the instance is dynamically created according to the type of action carried out in the SAP GUI client and the type of object the action was performed on. The naming format is the following: SAP GUI Action name / {object type} / {SAP GUI client interface label}.

Description: This field gives a brief description of the SAP Action and its associated parameters. For more information, see SAP Actions description.

Parameters: The Parameters zone allows modifying the parameters associated with each SAP Action. For more information, see SAP Actions description.

The execution of this Action is considered as a request: Ticking the check box allows deciding if the SAP Action is to be recorded as a request or not. When the behavior of an SAP Action involved a communication with the server, the check box is ticked.
When considered as a request, the executions of the SAP Action are part of the calculation of the statistics and graphs displayed in the Runtime and the Results sections.

The Screenshot zone provides a snapshot of the SAP GUI client at recording time. This helps remember the actions carried out in the SAP GUI client when recording.