Export a project to NeoLoad Web

Exporting a project to NeoLoad Web makes it possible to regroup all the resources of a test configured in NeoLoad to run it in NeoLoad Web.

For more information about running a test in NeoLoad Web, see Run a test in the NeoLoad Web documentation.

The Export Project Wizard is accessible with a click on File > Export Project to NeoLoad Web... or by clicking the Export your project to NeoLoad Web icon NL-ExporttoNLWIcon.

The Export Project Wizard guides you through the project export.

  1. You have two export options according to the destination you choose.


  2. Click Next.

    NeoLoad processes the export and the upload of the project in NeoLoad Web.

  3. Click Finish.

    NeoLoad Web opens if you left the option Open the Test in browser after project upload selected.

    You are led to the Tests view where the project is now available as a ZIP file that can be uploaded in the Run a Test section. For more information, see Run a test in the NeoLoad Web documentation.