Oracle Forms applet freezes

When recording an Oracle Forms scenario using WebUtil, the Oracle Forms applet freezes.


NeoLoad does support the WebUtil technology. If WebUtil is used to communicate with DLLs, there may be a conflict between the browser that is automatically launched by NeoLoad for the recording and the loading of these DLLs. The best way to solve this is to launch the browser manually as follows:

  1. In the NeoLoad menu, click Record > Start recording.
  2. Un-check the Launch browser option.
  3. Manually launch the Internet browser, then manually set the proxy to the NeoLoad proxy (default: localhost:8090). For more information, see Manually configure the recording proxy settings.
  4. Record the Oracle Forms scenario.
  5. Log out of the Oracle Forms application.
  6. Restore the original proxy settings in the browser, then close the browser.
  7. In the NeoLoad menu, click Record > Stop recording.