More about how NeoLoad works during recording and runtime

The Troubleshooting guide has been helpful, but I still need to know more about the way NeoLoad works during recording and runtime.


The Oracle Forms module may be used in DEBUG mode, which writes even more data to the log files. It can be turned on for debugging a specific use case, but never in a real test runtime.

During the recording, data is written to log files named plugins.log.xxxxx.

During runtime, data is written to log files named loadgenerator.log.xxxxx.

You may quickly access the NeoLoad directory containing the log files by clicking on Help > Open logs folder.

  1. Close NeoLoad.
  2. Open the <neoload>/conf directory, then open the files logs.xconfig and lglogs.xconfig.
  3. Replace the following line
    <category name="neoload.plugins" log-level="ERROR">
  4. with this line
    <category name="neoload.plugins" log-level="DEBUG">
  5. Re-start NeoLoad. The module is in DEBUG mode for both recording and runtime.