Check a Virtual User validity with NL-NETWORK-03 errors


When checking a User Path validity, I get NL-NETWORK-03 errors.


The User Path activity has been correctly recorded and an NL-NETWORK-03 error is displayed with the message Failed to connect to the server. This indicates that NeoLoad cannot connect to the server when the scenario is played.

If the error details are Connection timed out: connect for all the requests, then it would suggest that the Load Generator is using an incorrect network interface. It is necessary to edit the Load Generator settings in the Runtime > Scenario section to make sure the selected network interface allows access to the web server.

For other error details, typical causes are:

If the error is not caused by the listed causes, it is advised to carry out a short recording on a public Internet site such as, create a User Path and check its validity using NeoLoad. Then send all log files (all files in the NeoLoad 8.2/logs directory) to the NeoLoad Support team.