How do I transfer a license between workstations?

A standard license may be transferred from one workstation to another. This operation de-activates the key on the first machine, making NeoLoad inoperative with that key on that machine.

  1. Click Help > License Management.
  2. Select License.
  3. Choose Use a License file.
  4. Click Transfer to another machine.
  5. In the deactivation wizard, select the folder for the deactivation request file and click Next.

    The last wizard screen confirms that the license-inactivation.req file is created.

  6. Send the file, now or later, in the Web form on the Deactivate a license page.
  7. Click Finish to close the wizard.
  8. Wait for the reply from the Neotys central license server saying that the license file can be used on the new machine.