Why do I get an NL-LINKEXTRACTOR-02 error when using a Link Extractor?

NeoLoad Link Extractor function allows you to extract a link from the last page played before the extraction definition.

The NL-LINKEXTRACTOR-02 error signifies that the link or form could not be extracted from the previous request. This generally indicates that there is a page inserted in your scenario between the link to be extracted and the link extraction request. This can be the case if, for example, your application includes frames.

To make the Link Extractor work properly, you must make sure that the request containing the link to be extracted is the one played immediately before the extraction request. If the requests do not follow each other, you can either move them within the Virtual User, or use the Variable Extractor to find the dynamic value and insert it in the request parameter. For more information about advanced request configuration, see Advanced parameters.