What is the difference between the number of users launched and the number of iterations executed?

During a test under a constant load using n Virtual Users, NeoLoad starts n Virtual Users. The n number stands for the total number of Users launched.

Every Virtual User initializes on executing the Init Container, iterates its Actions Container during the whole test to replay the pages and the requests defined in the scenario, then executes the End Container before stopping. The number of executed iterations stands for the number of times when the Action Container is executed by every Virtual User.

For example, for a 5-minute test with a constant load of 10 Virtual Users, executing every Init/Actions/End Container may last for 1 minute. The total number of Users launched is 10. The total number of iterations executed is 40—every Virtual User executes the Init Container once, then iterates the Actions Container four times. After 5 minutes, every Virtual User executes the End Container, for a total duration of 6 minutes.