When checking my Virtual Users, why do I get an NL-NETWORK-03 error?

The Virtual User activity has been recorded correctly and you get an NL-NETWORK-03 error with the message "Failed to connect to the server". This indicates that NeoLoad could not connect to the server when playing the scenario. If the error details are java.net.ConnectException: Connection timed out: connect, it probably means that the Load Generator is using an inappropriate network interface. Check the Load Generator settings in the Runtime > Scenario section to make sure that the selected network interface allows connection to the web server. The most common causes of other errors are:

If the error is not due to one of these points, please carry out a short recording on a public Internet website, such as www.google.com, create a Virtual User and check its validity with NeoLoad. Then send the log files to NeoLoad Support (all the files in the NeoLoad 8.2/logs directory).