How can I create an on-demand Cloud session?

The Cloud allows you to test your application from different geographies.

Cloud Load Generators can be started, scheduled and managed from the Customer area of the Neotys website.

You can create an on-demand Cloud session in order to directly add Cloud Load Generators to your NeoLoad project. So, this feature is only available in NeoLoad.

  1. Choose the Runtime section and the Scenarios tab.
  2. In the Load Generators area, click on the Add a Cloud session button.
  3. The NeoLoad Cloud platform connection window is displayed. Connect using your client account login details.
  4. The wizard to add a Cloud session is displayed. For the first step, Select Create a new on-demand cloud session. Click Next.
  5. In the second step, you are prompted to select a workgroup and enter the Cloud session details : a name and email addresses (to send notifications). Click Next.
  6. In the third step, you need to enter a planned end date and the number of Load Generators per zone. You must have enough credits for the selected numbers of Load Generators. Click Next.
  7. Validate the information on the summary step and click Finish.
  8. The Cloud Load Generators are automatically added to the NeoLoad project once the session starts (It takes a few minutes).

For more information, see Test from the Cloud.