Modify a reserved Cloud session

Before it is started, a reserved Cloud session can be modified in the Online Cloud Console with the Load Generators > My Cloud sessions command.

For a reserved session, a click on the Edit command displays the My reservations / Edit session screen.

Every parameter of the Cloud session, but the owning workgroup, can be modified.

The Workgroup selection section defines which workgroup account is used for the session:

The Session definition section describes the session:

The Send notification emails section makes it possible to set automated emails to To, Cc, and Bcc people about the Cloud session in the selected Language:

The Schedule section is used to set the duration of the session:

The Load Generators section is different if you are paying with Cloud credits or VUHs:

The Cost section shows the Available balance in Cloud credits or VUHs against the balance Reserved for this session according to the duration, type, zones, and number of Load Generators selected above. If credits or VUHs are missing for the Load Generators or Virtual Users selected, the information is displayed in red, and a link gives access to the Neotys Online Store to add more credits or VUHs on the fly.

A click on the Validate button enforces the new parameters of the reserved Cloud session.

  1. Open the Online Cloud Console:
  2. Enter your E-mail and Password. Click Sign-In.
  3. Choose Reservation > My reservations.
  4. Select the reserved session to modify.
  5. Click Edit.
  6. In the My reservations / Edit session screen:
  7. In Cost, check that you have enough credits/VUHs for this change.
  8. Click Validate.