NeoLoad publications

NeoLoad publications aim at assisting you in becoming familiar with NeoLoad Web 3.0, helping you learn how to use it, and later serving as a reference with additional advanced information.

Documentation conventions

Content is structured as distinct types of information and make it easy to find, easy to understand, and easy to use.

Conventions are designed to be completely predictable, so that it is easy to pinpoint and understand what you are reading, and what you are supposed to do.




Items of the product interface

Tab > Command > Option

Command paths


System information


Messages displayed by the product
Non-system information that you must type

code sample
code sample

Samples of code


Keys on the keyboard


Names of products or functions



  • To perform a task
  1. Click...
  2. Select...

Quick step-by-step procedures

Documentation feedback

By giving you good documentation and carefully designed products, Tricentis demonstrates that it cares for you and is trying to make your load testing projects easier.

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