About load testing

Why load test web applications?

Load testing is necessary to:

Load testing with NeoLoad

  1. Recording HTTP traffic between browser and server
    NeoLoad includes a proxy server that records all server requests and responses.
  2. Defining test parameters
    Defining Virtual User behavior and setting scenario parameters such as load policy (constant, ramp-up, peak or custom) or the number of Virtual Users to be simulated during the test.
    Setting performance monitors (CPU, memory, disk usage, and so on) for your servers.
  3. Running the test
    Monitoring the ongoing test with the aid of real-time graphs and stats.
  4. Analyzing the results
    Obtaining a summary of the test and then examining its details using the graphs and statistical tables.

To get started with your first test, see the Quick Start Guide.

For more information about load testing with NeoLoad, check our videos on the Neotys website.