Lease Virtual Users capacity

Leasing a portion of a shared license consists in taking an amount of Virtual Users for a specific period of time in the license from the license server.

The NeoLoad license management tool helps enquire the license server. Choosing Help > License management > License section gives access to the Use a server option.

The list box makes it possible to select NeoLoad Web or Neotys Team Server.

For more information about NeoLoad Web, see the NeoLoad Web documentation.

For more information about Neotys Team Server, refer to the Neotys Team Server documentation.

Clicking the Lease button displays the Licenses screen.

In the Granted License List group box, the shared licenses are listed and described in the following columns:

When a license is selected, the descriptive tabs are updated:

In the Granted License List group box, the license lease type can be specified:

The license list is automatically updated with the licenses that match the license lease criteria.

After selecting a license, a click on the Lease button starts the leasing process. A click on the OK button validates the shared license lease.

Back in the License settings screen, the License Information section and the More details link make it possible to have all the details about the lease.

  1. In NeoLoad, click Help > License Management.

    You land in the License panel.

  2. In License Configuration Settings, choose Use a server.
  3. In the dropdown menu, select "NeoLoad Web" or "Neotys Team Server".
  4. Click Lease....
  5. In the Licenses screen, enter:
  6. In the updated Granted License List group box, select a license available for the amount of VUs and time specified, and click Lease.
  7. Back in the License settings screen, click OK.