Create a User Path based on API requests

NeoLoad makes it possible to quickly design a test scenario to load test a Swagger API. The Import OpenAPI command allows importing all the requests of a Swagger API in NeoLoad to automatically include them in a new User Path.

The Import OpenAPI command is accessible:

The Import OpenAPI dialog box pops up to start the import configuration:


URL: The field must be filled in with the URL to the JSON or YAML file including the requests to import. A click on the folder icon allows selecting a file on a local machine.

A click on the Import button imports the requests and creates a User Path with the name of the API the requests have been imported from.


Also, in the design tree view, one or several (depending on the API structure) servers are created under the Servers node.

Requests and variables

The imported requests are named with the parameters they include. A click on a request allows configuring it as described in Requests.

When an API method includes mandatory parameters, they are turned into variables in the request path. These variables are prefixed with the name of the imported API.

Also, during the import phase, two variables are automatically created:


These variables are prefixed with the name of the imported API. They are meant to help you avoid modify the requests in case of a server change. The value of each of these variables can be modified in the Variables editor as described in Variables.