Project files

A NeoLoad project can be loaded for execution from:

Using multiple files

When using NeoLoad as-code, each element of a test configuration such as SLA profiles, variables, servers, User Paths, Populations and Scenarios can be provided in a separate YAML file. Right after declaring the project to launch with the -project argument, the YAML file(s) containing the project elements can be declared as described in the example below:

NeoLoadCmd.exe -project "<neoload projects path>/MyProject/MyProject.nlp" "<neoload projects path>/myproject-slaprofiles.yaml" "<neoload projects
path>/myproject-variables.yaml" "<neoload projects path>/myproject-servers.yaml" "<neoload projects path>/myproject-userpaths.yaml" "<neoload projects path>/myproject-populations.yaml" "<neoload projects path>/myproject-scenarios.yaml" -launch MyScenario

The example above allows launching a test including the "MyScenario" scenario and the variables, servers, User Paths and Populations elements each one included in a YAML file.

Including files in a YAML

A YAML file can include other files. Included files must declare top level Project elements such as SLA profiles, variables, servers, User Paths, Populations and Scenarios as for classic separate YAML files. For example, included files cannot define a Transaction inside a User Path.




- common/design.yaml

- STAGING/servers.yaml

- STAGING/variables.yaml

Default file

In the context of executing a scenario in a Project, if the Project files contain a file named "default.yaml" and the execution does not specify explicitly the YAML files to load, then "default.yaml" will be loaded.

"default.yaml" can be either a single file containing all the as-code content or can include other files as described in Including files in a YAML.