Exporting contextualized RAW data

NeoLoad allows you to export each individual measurement of a Transaction before any aggregation. It allows you to compute your own statistics on the measured data or export the data to a third party tool for a customized aggregation or visualization.

When analyzing NeoLoad raw data you may want to know the context of each measurement.

For example: What was the search criteria for each "Search" Transaction? What contract was visualized on each "View contract" Transaction? It helps find patterns like "all Transactions on this specific item are failing", or "all searches in this category are much slower".

NeoLoad allows you to store and export the value of some variables for each Transaction.

Exported Variable Value

The value stored is the variable value at the end of the Transaction. Storing the variable doesn’t apply the "value change" policy so the variable value will never change because it’s exported.

Variables declared in the Variables Manager must have been accessed at least once to be able to export it (inside the Transaction or before the Transaction). Variables set by Javascript or set by Variable Extractors don’t need to be used before the export and can be exported directly.

Password variables cannot be exported for security reasons.