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Introducing VUH

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VUH overview

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VUH overview

VUH means Virtual User Hour, it represents a Virtual User that runs for an hour.

VUH are consumption based. The formula to calculate them is given as: Number of VUs x Duration

For example, running 100 VUs for a test during a full hour costs 100 VUH, running this test for 6 minutes will cost 10 VUH.

See VUH calculation for more details.

This consumption-based pricing model comes on top of regular licenses in order to manage peak usage and extra needs. This permits that the great majority of the scenarios can be covered by the license VUs. For any extra need, you can add to your license a pay-as-you-go bucket containing VUH.

This model brings the flexibility required to address the following use cases:

VUH calculation

VUH are:

Number of VUH = Maximum number of VUs used over the whole test x Effective duration in seconds / 3600, rounded up.


For a test that reached 125 VUs somehow in the test and lasts 13 minutes 25 seconds:

125 * (13mn*60+25s) / 3600 = 27,95 = 28 VUH

When starting a test with NeoLoad Web, the graphical interface displays a preview of the consumption based on the theoretical test duration and maximum VUs. This estimation is subtracted from the available VUH when the test starts.

At the end of the test the actual consumption is computed according to the actual test duration and the actual maximum number of VUs reached over the test.

It means that the real consumption can be lower than estimated, typically for example when the test is stopped before the initially planned end of the test. It can also be above the estimation when the test lasts longer than expected or if Virtual User instances have been manually added during the test.

When using Web VUs, SAP VUs and VUH, the priority for Web tests is the following:

  1. Pick Web VUs.
  2. Pick SAP VUs if any.
  3. Then use VUH if required.

For a 1100 VU test, 1000 Web VU are picked and 100 SAP VU, no VUH.

For a 1300 VU test, 1000 Web VU are picked, 200 SAP VU and VUH based on 100 VUs.


VUH are available for tests launched from the NeoLoad Controller, NeoLoad Web SaaS and NeoLoad Web on-premise.


Your Load Generators

SaaS Load Generators in NeoLoad Cloud

NeoLoad Controller


Non-stackable VUH (use License or VUH, not both)
Any hour begun is due in full

NeoLoad Web SaaS



NeoLoad Web On-Premise




VUH are available for Web and Citrix but not for SAP GUI.