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VUH and Reservations

Adding VUs at runtime

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Introducing VUH


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VUH and Reservations

As you schedule a Test execution through a Reservation with NeoLoad Web, you cannot reserve VUH beforehand. Yet the executed test can use VUH if needed.

This means that you can select a Reservation when starting a Test even if the number of VUs of your scenario is higher than the VUs of the Reservation if the other criteria match (date & version).

When you launch a Test within the scope of a Reservation, as long as your Account is VUH-enabled, VUH may be added to fill the gap if the reserved license VUs are not enough for the test.

VUH will be calculated based on the duration of the Test (not the duration of the Lease) except when the duration is unknown (zip scenario based on iterations). In this case, the lease duration will be used for the calculation.

For example, if 100 VUs are reserved, 200 VUs are required and the license has 200 VUs available, then it’s acceptable to lease 100 VU (not 200) and complete with VUH.

Adding VUs at runtime

When running a test from NeoLoad Controller, it is possible to add manually Virtual User instances only if the license used by the Controller allows the extra-number of VUs or if VUH are currently used for the test.