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Mobile testing

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Mobile testing overview

Record mobile applications

Configure realistic mobile application scenarios

Runtime and results of mobile application tests

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Mobile testing overview

Users expect mobile services to be relevant and user-friendly, and to perform well. The limitations of the medium impose significant challenges to designing and testing products that meet all of the users' expectations. Performance is a crucial contributor to a trustworthy mobile user experience. With NeoLoad, mobile applications—with their specific features—can be load tested to ensure end-users perceive them properly. NeoLoad makes it possible to check the mobile applications performance issues on the server side and prevent:


In order to test mobile applications and have a clear picture of their performance, it is necessary to figure out how to proceed to get realistic records on one hand, and how to launch relevant load tests on the other hand. Considering the ins and outs of the conditions when mobile application tests are recorded and replayed is essential.

NeoLoad 9.0 answers questions that are specific to the challenges of testing mobile applications: