Record an HTTP application in tunnel mode

Some applications cannot be recorded in proxy mode. When the application cannot use the defined proxy, it is necessary to use the tunnel mode. This mode makes it possible to record any application, either web or native, standard or customized, for any platform in any version.

On one side, the tunnel simulates the web server for the browser, and on the other side, it processes the requests and responses with the web server. The recorder catches the transactions to build the scenario. NeoLoad allows filtering the recording and skipping or including some requests to get an accurate scenario.

NeoLoad reroutes the web traffic to itself thanks to its own DNS server. As a consequence, NeoLoad will open the NeoLoad DNS port (UDP/TCP 53) and one port for each application recorded:

Warning: Before recording the scenario, it is recommended to close all HTTP client applications (other Web sessions, Twitter client, and so on). NeoLoad records all the HTTP flows going through the machine. It is necessary to close HTTP clients or define exclusion rules in NeoLoad to avoid unwanted requests in the recording.