Configure a population

In the Populations tab, a click on a Population in the Populations list updates the Content group box. The box also shows the parameters of every User Path.


When a User Path is selected, its parameters can be modified in the Parameters group box:

  1. In the Design section, select the Populations tab.
  2. In the Populations list, select a Population.
  3. In the Content group box, you can click the + (plus) button to add more User Paths to your population.
  4. To configure a User Path, select it and modify it in the Parameters group box.
  5. In User Path, you can change your User Path selection.
  6. In Percent, enter the amount of User Paths in the Population, or use the slider.
  7. In Browser, click the picker button to display the Browser box:
  8. In WAN Emulation, click the picker button to display the WAN Emulation box:
  9. In Handle cache, select the cookies management option: