Prepare for the recording

Before recording a secured application like Dropbox, you need to install the NeoLoad root certificate on the iPhone. Because Dropbox uses a secured connection (HTTPS) to connect to the data servers, your iPhone device sees the NeoLoad Tunnel as a man-in-the-middle attack and refuses the connection. You need to authorize the connection with the Tunnel to be able to record the traffic. You have to import the NeoLoad root certificate in your iPhone. The root certificate is created when NeoLoad is first launched and is named DO_NOT_TRUST_NeoLoadRoot.cer. It can be found in the configuration sub-directory of the user profile directory.

In Windows, this configuration directory is %AppData%\Neotys\NeoLoad\v8.2\conf.

From your desktop email box, you just need to send yourself an email with the NeoLoad certificate in attachment. Open your iPhone mailbox.

On your iPhone, open the email.

Click on the attachment to open it.

Click Install to save the certificate on your iPhone.

In the Unverified Profile screen, click Install Now.

A message screen tells you that the NeoLoad certificate is installed on your iPhone.

In NeoLoad, you are able to record the Dropbox secured application.