NeoLoad JUnit results

For every build performed by Jenkins, the NeoLoad plugin makes it possible to display the NeoLoad JUnit results. In Jenkins, it is necessary to select a job and a successful build before clicking Test Result.

In Jenkins, results are either "passed" or "failed". "Passed" results are displayed in blue. "Failed" results are shown in red. NeoLoad "Acceptable" results are considered either passed or failed with the -SLAJUnitMapping <pass> or -SLAJUnitMapping <fail> command line arguments respectively.

A click on a test package displays some error information.

The package and class names of the JUnit results that are generated are related to the SLA rules that are defined in NeoLoad.

  1. In Jenkins, start a build of a job configured with the NeoLoad plugin.
  2. When the test is over, click <NeoLoad job> > <successful build> > Test Result.
  3. For more information, click on a package link.