Manage collaborative project versions (SVN)

Collaborative projects can be tagged in order to manage them.

Tag a project (SVN)

Tagging a project means freezing a version of the project with a tag, as a milestone in the lifetime of the project. Subsequently the tag makes it possible to find the version easily. Tagging may be necessary to identify an official version of the project, or for archiving reasons.

Although the tagging process is invoked from NeoLoad (i.e. locally), the current version of the project on the server is used instead of the version stored on the local machine. Consequently, a project which is not up-to-date locally can be tagged, i.e. the project displayed may not be the tagged one.

To tag a project, the Share > Advanced > Tag Project command must be chosen. NeoLoad instantly displays a warning message about the version involved by the process.

A click on Continue opens up the Tag Project dialog.

The name of the tag must be entered to identify the version of the project. It is recommended to add a description about the tag too.

A click on OK validates the tagging operation. A confirmation message indicates that the project is tagged.

  1. Choose Share > Advanced > Tag Project.
  2. Click OK to start the tagging process.
  3. Enter a tag name.
  4. Enter a description for the tag.
  5. Click OK.