Updates with content conflicts

When Member 1 and Member 2 modify the same element at the same time, a content conflict occurs.

If Member 2 has published the changes before Member 1 and if both of them have used the same version of the element, NeoLoad tells Member 1 that the element carries a conflict on updating it. Three resolution modes for the conflict are available:

In the Update Project wizard, a red tag stands for a content conflict. The name of the element involved is followed by the selected resolution mode.




Double red arrow: The VirtualUser component is in a content conflict situation.

When a content conflict is detected, the wizard displays the Conflicts Resolution screen.


The resolution mode options for the conflict are:

Click Next to validate the selection or it may display the Failed Merge Resolution screen.


When one or more Try to Merge resolution actions have failed, it is necessary to choose the Keep mine resolution option or the Take from repository one.