Retrieve a project tag (SVN)

Retrieving a project tag consists in retrieving the content of a project available at the very moment when it was tagged. Once retrieved, the project is automatically displayed by NeoLoad.

To retrieve a project tag, the Share > Retrieve Tag command must be selected. NeoLoad closes the current project when necessary and lists the projects available on the collaboration server.

Once the project is selected, the OK button must be clicked. The list of the tags available for the project is displayed, including the Creation_Time tag which stands for the version of the project when it was shared.

Validating the tag selection displays the tagged project instead of the current project.

  1. Click Share > Retrieve Tag.
  2. Select a project and click OK.
  3. Select a tag and click OK.
  4. Optionally, enter another project name.
  5. Optionally, enter another retrieval repository.
  6. Click OK.