Replace with a project tag (SVN)

Replacing a project with the content of one of its tags is useful to come back to a version which has been recorded in a previous tag process. The current content is removed and replaced by the content of the tagged project. Contrarily to retrieving a tag, replacing a project overwrites the current project which is still shared.

To replace the content of the current project with a project tag, it is necessary to display a shared project in NeoLoad. The tags list searched by NeoLoad includes the tags created for the current project.

The Share > Advanced > Replace by Tag command displays the list of the tags available, including the Creation_Time tag which stands for the version of the project when it was shared.

Validating the selection reopens the project with the content of the selected tag.

  1. Click Share > Advanced > Replace by Tag.
  2. Select a tag.
  3. Click Finish.