Data Format Extensions

NeoLoad can handle binary/exotic formats when the corresponding custom plugin is declared. With the encoding/decoding facility, NeoLoad can variabilize requests, extract data from responses, and validate responses for any HTTP and WebSocket traffic in specific custom formats.

The plugin libraries are declared in the Data Format Ext. tab in Edit > Preferences > Project settings tab > Modules Manager section.

In the Declared libraries table, a click on the + (plus) button makes it possible to declare the .jar file for the custom library.

Several .jar files each containing an implementation of the API provided by Neotys can be declared. Every implementation is loaded. It is necessary to ensure the implementations do not collide. A conflict occurs when several encoders or decoders cover the same conditions of use. When a conflict occurs, the implementation priority is not deterministic. The Neotys API for an Encoder/Decoder is described inData Format Extension API: Create an Encoder/Decoder

  1. In NeoLoad, open a project.
  2. Choose Edit > Preferences > Project settings > Modules Manager > Data Format Ext.
  3. Click + (plus).
  4. Select the library .jar file.